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Our Vision:
Leading the development of a Philippine steel industry – the backbone of a growing economy.
Our Mission:
We provide our country with world-class steel products and services by innovating and adapting to changing customer needs. We fulfill our role in nation-building by producing steel locally and enriching communities and the environment.
Our Core Values:
We commit to a high set of ethical and moral standards. We believe that a company can only be trustworthy if its employees exhibit intellectual and financial honesty in all their dealings.
We believe that we will not be where we are today without the aid of other people. Whenever necessary, we seek the help of others because we are but part of a whole and we are aware that we also have our own limitations. We also take to heart that the customer is always right and we love to hear from them and learn from them.
We believe that there is no substitute for hard work. We put in effort in everything we do as we always ask what we can do for the company rather than demand what the company can do for us. Our achievements were a product of the sustained effort of those before us and we could only reach our vision with the same determination and single-mindedness of purpose even in the face of difficulties.
We perform our respective functions with the sense of urgency because we believe that every minute counts. The moment things have been finalized or decided within the company, we cooperate fully and undertake our assigned tasks with dispatch. Being nimble will bring SteelAsia to greater heights for the next decades to come.
We equate service to being part of the solution because we are here to serve our customers. Our service has placed the company to the highest levels of market standing as this is what differentiates the company from our competitors. This will guarantee our leadership position in the years to come.
We believe that our success is the success of everybody else. Simply put, our efforts are not only for ourselves, but for all our stakeholders – who are our employees, the communities where we operate, our business partners and the many institutions that interact with. We take pride in making a positive impact in the lives of those around us.